The Concept of Containing Art – Spoken Word Poem by Vivian Moon

The concept of containing art. I am not a structure intended to stay on stage coming apart or coming together, coming at all. I am not a voice to be carried through, the impact troupe, have sat in too many – no such thing – underground bars and roofs, dark rooms where you see people who stopped grooming those leaking their needs, some soothing. At times I feel nude, coated in layers but my chills find me regardless, must be the cold offsetting my harvest enriched by the heat the sun and nights in solitude. My attitude can keep me from seeing, so I write endlessly sometimes but right now its a struggle to combat my own rebuttal of what I’ve been doing and what the future needs beyond our struggle as artists, conceptual farcists. I am not fake, just craving out of this box I call it clout, shout. You say bars like it’s not keeping me out. I call this no dilemma, a planning phenomenon to uncage uprise and start.

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