Escape Artist: Episode 5 – Commit, Damn it!

In phase one, after recognizing how unfulfilled and ineffective I was becoming in my life and work, I cleared my plate to rest and reflect.

In phase two, I invested in myself by defining my life goals and contributing time and resources to recalibrate.

Now in phase three, I begin my pursuit by putting in work to create the lifestyle and career I have always wanted. This means building discipline to commit to my priorities & avoid getting sidetracked by expectations and goals that are not mine.

It’s a relief that I’m not alone. In this Great Resignation, to commit is to stand strong when toxic grind culture seeps into my confidence and tries to pull me back into the relentless burnout of corporate America.

To commit is to persevere when learned habits try to rear their workaholic heads & deprive me of thoughtful rest and intentional pursuit.

To commit is to build discipline & focus with consistency, saying no to that which does not fuel my personal or professional fulfillment.

To commit is to believe in myself, to trust, and build confidence that I will succeed in my specific goals with regular review and calibration.

To commit is to know my value and uphold it every day, acknowledging that consistent dedication as well as rest and idleness inspires creativity and perseverance.

To commit to is to be sitting here at 10:30 am and have only 2 minutes of writing logged in after calling my dentist, getting sucked into emails, paying bills, depositing checks, updating my financial apps, and otherwise contemplating life in the rushed and urgent manner of checking off tasks.

Yes, to commit is to recognize when I’m not being effective and continuously check myself – so I do not cheat myself but instead address what’s going on and move forward.

To commit is to avoid being sucked into others’ journeys, to not internalize anyone else’s goals or expectations, and to focus on the present.

To commit is to recognize the trauma in responding in childlike ways, adopting others’ wants as your own, and reject people-pleasing in favor of choosing yourself.

Turns out that making my escape doesn’t mean escaping at all. It means standing my ground and creating the space & life I want.

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