Turns out I’ve been keeping my art covered
strange entrance to recover
white walls like high brow
did not come from the streets or my lovers.
I am inspired by my mother
and other women.
Man, did I stutter?
You and I are not the same
but anytime I open eyes mouth write in open range
we’re not contained by our backgrounds or biases not our faces
but I still feel conspired against hard to trust
after dreaming of snakes feeling the outcomes of snakes
the clash of friends who got different shit to stake while here I am to isolate.
That’s how I learned.
The wild women are overturned when we keep making excuses
talking to our urn.
I will never accept defeat
not from love list or what comes easy
because some routes come easy
and I can sometimes be lazy
learning now to refresh and sleep so it’s clear not hazy
energy regained so I can figure out what phased me
how I want to place me my product and service on the map
where I’ll start and who I’ll attract.
I am no speakeasy hidden corner.
I do not speak easy each essence makes me feel like a coroner.
Any word is danger so I’ll string them up like orders.
Death doesn’t hold back the comic or the poet.
In fact, it raises up the stakes for us natural mourners
lords of domain to be remembered by the loyal
but nobody is loyal.
We are all on our own trip passage of convinced
and I have been convinced now en route to creating ways
to make it stick and move to pursue my win.

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