Life is But a Dream

Life is but a dream and the scene is fresh
No debate allowed, only love and sess
The point of acceptance is also happiness
Don’t follow the crowd or you’ll get lost in it
That’s where I find myself this day, this month
Unbearable warmth to heavens above
but hold up I haven’t made it there yet
Still reaching out trying to grab at my threads
when all that needs grabbing is the heart
This zone is not made for tv screens or even phones
My finesse is rocks and stones
stargazing alone, until someone can join me.
This life is not hard. It’s confusing
makes people like me double back and contemplate
analyze why or how I live that way
Do I really have needs that require living in dreams?
Apparently, if there’s any amount of freedom
but see that may be another fallacy
Another agreement another shell I saw and claimed and conquered
called it my own and signed resigned
Put up my crimes and defined accordingly
I am not a hermit crab so why am I feeling like one?
My shell is but a mirage but the paradise is beyond skin and bones or thrones
It’s free fall.

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