Verse One from “Look in the Sky (LITS)”

Look in the sky. It’s the heavens that see, clouds that
breathe, containing clues to our humanity.
We are just a dot, a perspective in dimensional planes.
Lift the apple so you can test your range of

understanding. Third dimension we only know
what we see, hear, touch. We do not
know until we open our eyes. Blush! Most of us
turn away. We don’t open our eyes until our

demise so we explore steadily recognize
when guts don’t sit right, eventually
grasp at the purpose that makes it worth it ’cause
even when we’re blinded, we can choose to let our soul

guide us, ignite our actions. Show attention!
This is not a drill. Keep your belongings
close, only essential, fundamental. That’s DNA.
Catch your frills. Expand what you know.

– Causmosis “Look in the Sky (LITS)”, The Book of Cosmosis EP

MV for “Look in the Sky (LITS)” ft. Tre Dots, produced and shot by OneOfOne

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